Then we are able to print your invitations for you. You will receive the discount if your files are Print-Ready PDF, with 3mm bleed (if image goes to the edge of the card) We are able to print onto up to 350gsm Card. (with our in-house commercial printer) You will find that domestic printers are only capable of printing on up to 200gsm. Your Artwork needs to be supplied to us in a format that we can print from. And in a size that is correct for printing. You may have had a “graphic designer” already design your artwork and you are now ready to have it printed. Or you may have decided to design it yourself. See below under FILE SETUP to make sure it meets our specifications. If we need to work on your file we will need to charge $15 minimum. (we will inform you first, so that you can try to rectify first) PROOF (over 30 Invitations only)  (1 day turnaround) – You will receive a FREE PROOF (upon accepting our pricing), you can come in and pick this up, or we can freight to you for $5. (rural add $4) PRINTING (2 Hours to 2 working days turnaround) We will require a deposit prior to printing, with balance required on pick up or prior to freighting to you. 2 Hours MUST BE 100% print ready PDF. (if image goes to the edge is needs 3mm Bleed – extra image beyond the invitation finish size – for trimming) 2 Hours is PRINT (NOT FOIL) Foiling requires an 1 to 2 Working Days. To see our different Card Stocks please go to Card/Stock. For our Terms and Conditions please click this link. It can be any artwork that you have prepared for your Wedding Invitations / Greeting Cards / Birthday Cards / Anniversary / Save the Date / Funeral Cards / Thank You Cards  / Posters / Seating Plans and anything else you need printed.

* There are exceptions – Placecards / Tablecards / Over A3 / Fans / Envelopes / Die-cutting will all be charged at Website Rates.



Correct file setup is extremely important. It may delay your job if you setup your file incorrectly or print incorrect colours, or print pixelated due to too low resolution pictures. Our preferred file type is PDF. Please supply files as either: PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPG, PSD. We can convert files from other programs, i.e. excel, word, but we will have to charge for our time $15, charged on time basis. ($5 per 5 minutes thereafter) Resolution should be 300dpi at 100% (100dpi will print pixelated, whereas 600dpi will take along time to process). Please setup your print ready file with bleed, crop marks (see sample on this page) Fonts should be converted to curves, or please provide PC fonts required. We print in CMYK, so it is best that your images are in this format, although we do convert RGB images into CMYK, Pantone colours are harder to match (digital printing can not print all Pantone Colours approx. 78% of them). You may require that a proof be printed first if colour matching is important. There may be a charge for this of $10 (5 minutes of print time and colour prints) We can receive your files via: email, USB, CD, DVD (email is preferred – up to approx. 12mb per email) via Dropbox if over 12mb. Need help with any of these requirements – give us a call on 09 838 9300 CREATING A PDF Adobe Acrobat is the best program to create PDF’s. (Most people have Acrobat Reader which does not create PDF’s). There are other PDF programs that can create PDF’s, i.e. CutePDF (free) but please be aware that they do not always create a perfect PDF. Also a 30 Day Trial of Foxit PDF Editor – SOFTWARE MYCARDS Uses: Corel Draw 17 | Adobe Photoshop CS5 | Adobe Illustrator CS5 | Adobe Acrobat 10 Pro | Adobe Indesign CS5 | Microsoft Excel 2013 | Microsoft Word 2013 We use these applications, older versions can also be opened. (i.e. Corel 15, Word 2008)   Setup-Your-Design-Wedding-Artwork-MYCARDS